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SITCS Résumé

Below is my résumé, in it's entirety.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
  • Experienced professional with 19+ years of experience with leading web, database, application, as well as API technologies.
  • Extensive experience working W3C defined standards as well as solving box-model issues with all major browsers including Apple products.
  • Extensive UI development with jQuery/AngularJS, including CSS, Bootstrap, LESS & SASS.
  • OOP experience with C#, VB.NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, & C++.
  • Advanced Experience creating Web-Applications using the Full Stack. Database SQL/TSQL accessed by C#/.NET framework then exposed via WebAPI and ingested by an Angular or similar framework front-end all styled with Bootstrap or custom CSS implemented via LESS/SASS, preferably.
  • Sound understanding of different browser’s rendering engines and behaviors.
  • Experience with modifying existing undocumented code and with establishing code standardization if needed as well as following existing code standards.
  • Experienced in using Wireframes/Comps to create cross-browser UI’s with table-less design.
  • Extensive SEO Experience, particularly with Google and PageRank.
  • Experience with FireBug, IE Tester, Chrome and Safari DOM inspectors and various JavaScript debugging techniques.
  • Well versed with the SDLC in every aspect, specifically Analysis, Development, and Documentation. Additionally, very familiar and comfortable with Agile development environment.
  • Very organized, efficient, and detail oriented as well as creative and innovative.
  • 100% of code is written by hand and tested by hand.
  • Highly committed to the success and quality of my work.
  • Able to master new technologies very quickly and with ease.
Skill Set
Web Languages JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, CSS, HTML, ASP, SSI, PHP, CGI, PERL, ActionScript/Swift, SASS, LESS
Application Languages C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic 4+, VBA, C/C++, Java, .NET 3.5+
Databases SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Oracle 11g R2 & R3, FoxPro
Libraries/Frameworks jQuery, Google API’s, Prototype, EXT JS, Angular v2+, Bootstrap, NodeJs
IDE's Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++, NetBeans, Sublime Text, WebStorm, VI
Operating Systems Microsoft OS’s, Unix (Bash shell), Apple OS’s
Web Servers IIS, Apache, GlassFish v2, JBoss
Methodologies/Knowledge Relational Databases, Flat-File Databases, Bash Shell Scripting, UML, SDLC, Agile, Web Services, Swagger, APIs, JSON, XML, REST, SOAP
Applications Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Visio, MS Project, Many others
Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
Professional Experience
C.H.I. Overhead Doors
November 11th, 2014 - January 26th, 2018
Role: .NET Developer
Description: Focusing on web application development to allow for data management by engineers as well as developing sales tools. Development of any REST WCF Web-Services as needed. Then moved to REST WebAPI’s written in C#. Bug fixing and liaison software development. Lead developer for many projects. Most notably the DoorVisions iPad application, C.H.I. Hub. MS Dynamics 365, and MS Dynamics CRM.
  • .NET WCF WebService Development, C# WebApi development, C# Dynamics CRM plugin development.
  • ASP.NET webpage development with a focus on form creation.
  • Clean up internal templates to be more user friendly.
  • Handle web page requests as they come in from internal team regarding data maintenance.
  • SQL Server database design, stored procedure creation, and query generation for data selection and management. Work with stored procedures, functions, triggers, tables, and views.
  • Microsoft Dynamics web services development.
  • Stored procedure creation and debugging. General bug fixes in web and win-form applications.
  • Manage all new features and bugs of advanced AngularJs/NodeJs/Bootstrap/LESS C.H.I. Hub web application.
  • Numerous weekly reports pulled from SQL Server using SQL queries. Usually delivered in Excel.

Environment .NET 4.0+ (VB.NET & C#), SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2014, & 2016, IIS, IIS-Express, GIT, Team Foundation Server, Visual SVN, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, ASP.NET, C#, Angular 2, 4, and 5, NodeJS

Reason for Leaving: Resigned amid a chaotic professional environment and availability of more attractive opportunities.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
Follett Software Company
September 8th, 2014 - November 11th, 2014
Role: Application Developer
Description: Angular 1 development framework, all under a very strong Agile implementation. Application must run in browser on PC’s, Mac’s, Android, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft devices. Dual Mobile and Desktop application. Web code is also used inside mobile applications.
  • Responsible for resolving defects. As well as testing them on iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.
  • Design and execute Unit Tests and End-To-End Tests for all code written.
  • Program completely new features and fix bugs all under the AGILE methodology.
  • Advanced debugging of JavaScript, especially anonymous functions/event handlers.

Environment Jboss web server, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, CSS, SASS/LESS, HTML, hand coding, WebServices, JSON, Lucene SOLR Server, WebStorm IDE,Eclipse IDE, Java, J2EE, SQL, SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 Database(s), Mobile Devices and Mobile Web Development

Reason for Leaving: Resigned to join CHI which was closer to my family. Took a 48% pay cut to move to CHI.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
November 19th, 2012 - June 30th, 2014
Role: Application Developer
Description:  Advanced Object-Oriented JavaScript and jQuery development of application written with JavaEE. Over 180mb of JavaScript, which comprised the entirety of the front-end of the application, which we developed using the AGILE development methodology. Entire application resides on one page. There was more DOM manipulation than in any application I have ever worked on before. We had to support IE8+, so this was a very challenging demand to make everything function and feel the same for all our supported browsers and operating systems. Lots of clients and deadlines all happening at once. A very challenging and always changing place to work.
  • Create new Plugins and functionality from scratch using Advanced Object-Oriented JavaScript residing on top of a J2EE framework with many web-services to communicate to the server with during runtime.
  • Provide Complexity for tasks in Sprint and manage work load for committing to the Sprint to ensure we don’t overload the Sprint.
  • Design and execute Unit Tests and Integration Tests for all code written.
  • Develop conceptual ideas, such as auto-testing framework for JavaScript. I began considering Jasmine. Also had to figure out how to detect if IE was running in compatibility mode, which turned out to be trivial.
  • Program completely new features and fix bugs all under the AGILE methodology.
  • Advanced debugging of JavaScript, especially anonymous functions/event handlers and dealing with lots of scope and closure problems.

Environment GlassFish web server, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, HTML, SSL, hand coding, WebServices, JSON, Lucene SOLR Server, NetBeans IDE, Java, J2EE, SQL, Oracle Database 11g R2 and R3

Reason for Leaving: Contract ended and contract company would not renew or allow client to hire me.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
Thermal Imaging Services of Central Illinois, Lewiston, IL
June 3rd2012 - November 19th, 2012
Role: Self Employed IT Consultant
Description:  Thermal Imaging Services is a small company that is focused on supplying energy efficiency for homes and business in the Central Illinois area. The owner built and runs his website by himself with me as a support role for his site and home office.
  • Inform owner of web practices and standards regarding usability, visual aesthetics, and data formats.
  • Assist in office networking and security including wireless network throughout his home and office.
  • Setup secure VPN so he could access his home office from anywhere.
  • Design, develop, test, and maintain eCommerce site utilizing PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX. Project was never completed due to time constraints the client attained.

Environment Apache web server, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML4-5, Video, Audio, Shopping Cart, SSL, jQuery, hand coding, VPN, Wireless setup, Home office setup, Printer setup

Reason for Leaving: Completed client requirements.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
United Airlines, Inc., Elk Grove Village, IL
June 11th2008 - October 14th, 2010
Role: Technical Producer
Description:  Worked in both Marketing and IT eCommerce departments where projects required advanced cross-browser HTML/JavaScript/CSS/AJAX development, debugging and testing for IE6+, FireFox2+, Chrome and Safari for PC and MAC. Produced feasibility studies and prototypes then developed products using HTML/JavaScript/CSS/AJAX upon approval.
  • Door 2 Door Baggage Product - Custom Object-Oriented JavaScript implementation of Google Maps API and FedEx API with JSON data returns so customers can locate a FedEx store where they would like to drop their bags off or pick them up so they do not have to check them at the airport.
  • September 2008 – Re-wrote the homepage using a single custom encapsulated JavaScript object to give it that fastest loading time in United’s history of 3.2 seconds utilizing advanced AJAX with XML / JSON parsing of content after initial load, contained custom JavaScript error handling and DOM manipulation fallback procedures.
  • Business developer lead on Mileage Plus section redesign which used advanced JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX w/XML methods to accomplish business goals.
  • Extensive Vignette CMA experience, used daily and re-programmed the eWebEditPro plugin using JavaScript to fit United’s needs.
  • Advanced use of Visual Sciences tagging using dynamic JavaScript as well as content serving using Akamai technology.
  • Front-end integration of advanced HTML, JavaScript, CSS with pre-built JSP pages using Eclipse with SVN/CVS for source control.
  • Prototyped business projects utilizing HTML, AJAX/jQuery/DOJO, and custom JavaScript and CSS to determine feasibility.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve low-high impact issues on production site as well as during production launches which involved browser compatibility around JavaScript/CSS and XML/JSON AJAX data issues.
  • Estimated time to develop for all approved prototypes and the implementation of those prototypes using jQuery or DOJO and CSS as well as showing to project leads and receiving and implementing any changes or implementation updates.
  • Utilized wireframes and comps provided from Graphics department to implement business objectives utilizing jQuery/DOJO and CSS with AJAX.
  • Delivered estimates for projects, such as Door 2 Door, Premier Line, Mobile site, Mileage Plus 2.0 and applications and Choice Menu as well as many bug fixes.
  • Unit and Load testing for JavaScript and AJAX projects.

Environment Unix, JSP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, XML, JSON, HTML4-5, Web Services, SOAP, Ruby, Python, DOJO, jQuery, PERL, Vignette CMS, hand coding

Reason for Leaving: Caught in massive layoffs when United merged with Continental Airlines.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
2018, Wood Dale, IL
October 27th2006 - June 23rd, 2007
Role: Information Systems Support Specialist
Description:  Worked as System Administrator, Warehouse and Shipping Systems Administrator as well as managed data migration process and involved with numerous software/hardware upgrades. I also managed office intranet which utilized the DOJO JavaScript library.
  • Design, development, maintenance, debugging of internal applications utilizing SQL Server 2008
  • General technical service for office
  • Maintained/Supported multiple warehouse systems
  • Development of new Enfinity E6 platform involving customer site and call-center, with liaison applications written in VB.NET with SQL Server 2008 connectivity
  • Maintained SQL Server database data extraction/insertion processes
  • Upgraded warehouse UPS/FedEx bin/slot system to be directly compatible with SQL Server via stored procedures and data migration job automation
  • Maintained and improved intranet using HTML, CSS, DOJO, and JavaScript
  • Created bar code scanning system for products that were too small to have bar codes on them

Environment IIS, SSL, ASP, SQL, SQL Server, JavaScript, CSS, HTML4-5, DHTML, AJAX, XML, JSON, jQuery, CGI/PERL, Enfinity E6 CMS, SSI, hand coding

Reason for Leaving: Left to join United Airlines.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
ProSoft Technology, Bakersfield, CA
November 4th2001 - June 29th, 2003
Role: Webmaster / Multimedia Creator
Description:  ProSoft creates communication modules for the Automation industry. I started in the mail room and made my way to webmaster when they had offices in 4 countries. Also learned to program Allen Bradley PLC’s while working here.
  • Managed 3 corporate internet sites and corporate intranet site utilizing PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX with a MySQL relational database model
  • Designed, implemented, and tested relational database web application system to smooth the process of launching new products from a marketing perspective. Written with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX
  • Designed, implemented, and tested product CD using a local web interface in HTML, JavaScript and Flash ActionScript; shipped with all PLC products which allows customers to find manuals, databases, and other collateral related to their product(s)

Environment Apache web server, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, XML, JSON, CGI/PERL, CD-ROM, hand coding

Reason for Leaving: Relocated to Midwest.

Shelby M. Smull - Full Stack Developer
Global Mark-E, Chandler, AZ
January 1997 - November 2002
Role: Junior Webmaster / Multimedia Creator
Description:  Global Mark-E developed marketing campaigns and collateral as well as websites, presentations, meetings, conferences for their clients.
  • Managed corporate internet and intranet site utilizing PHP, Chili ASP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, and DHTML
  • Specialized in creating “self-replicating” websites utilizing HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX for front end and ASP and/or PHP across an SSL environment where users paid for the service via PayPal while storing and retrieving data via SQL from a relational MySQL database model; Featured drag and drop building tools
  • Created multimedia CD presentation for mass production and global distribution using Visual Basic featuring premium 3D graphics and sound

Environment Apache web server, IIS, ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, HTML, DHTML, Visual Basic, SSL, CD-ROM, SSI, hand coding

Reason for Leaving: Left to join ProSoft Technologies.