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My name is Shelby M. Smull.

I am a self-taught software enginee, or developer. I start programming when the internet became popular, when I was 13 years old. This means I start with HTML and also BASIC on an old T90. Shortly after that, ECMAScript came around in Netscape Navigator. This was exciting because we could make things move on the web page. Pretty soon JavaScript became mainstream and I found work as a JavaScript developer. While working in this vein CSS entered the picture, and changed web development for good. Shelby M. Smull

With CSS and JavaScript we could do things we only dreamed of. The only problem was browser support. Internet Explorer was the most popular browser and had terrible to poor support for these technologies. Even today, Internet Explorer still falls woefully behind in the technologies it implments correctly.

Upon exiting web development I found myself learning .NET and being an application developer. All during this time I was dabbling in game programming and actually worked on 2 titles that made it to market. Three others did not. But that never deterred me. I find the most fun in game programming because we get to create worlds from nothing that you can run around in and interact with.

Lately, I have taken a turn to advanced web programming and mobile web development. That is what you will find me doing nowadays.

Now that I am 33 years old, I have been programming for 20 years. I am perfectly content sitting at a keyboard writing code. I fill my days with learning ever more about programming and building websites with CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and PHP or ASP.NET.

Give me a shout if you need a website, or a custom application for any purpose. I'll be happy to provide a detailed quote and look forward to working with you!